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2013 Committee

Back row– Ken McLean : Bob Boscence : Di Lugg : Ron Monck : Barry Blundell
Front Row—Charlie Tredrea : Bill Prior (President) : Kevin Johnson ( Secretary)
Absent—Vice President Kevin Beare OAM—Illness.



Police Historical Society Annual Report 2013.

President Bill Prior’s report consists of 8 pages and is available for viewing here - or a copy can be emailed as an attachment or posted upon request. 

The following is a very short version with highlights of his report.

The Society’s 36th Annual Report and Bill’s 3rd as President refers to the start of 2012, when flooding was detected in the archive area. He thanked all those involved in clean up and restoration.
The financial position of the Society is very sound, and membership is at a healthy level.
Many challenges regarding our SAPOL’s 175th celebrations this coming year, with a  Special Events Section coordinating events across the State.

The report refers to the work done by the Executive Committee and relates to issues regarding the Museum Badge Display Cabinet, SAPOL Volunteer Program, Road Safety School and PHS Vehicle Museum.
The Digitising of Personnel Records, PHS Service Awards, Electronic Marketing, Police Clearance   Certificates (for volunteers) and 175th Commemorative Cap Badge Set.
Major Commemorative Events, included reports on Police Anzac Day, Foundation Day, National Police Remembrance Day, PHS 35th Birthday Celebrations and the 70th Anniversary of the Archie Badenoch Police Launch.

In Other Activities, the report refers to our Monthly Meetings and the high quality speakers organised by Secretary Owen Bevan, PHS Volunteer Meetings and thanks to Kate Woodcock for her work in that area.
SAPOL funding and support and the work done by our Web Administrator Charlie Tredrea.
Under Significant Achievements, reference was made to the Restoration of the Portable Cell, Catering and the Mural now installed in the entrance foyer of the meeting room.
In the reference to vehicles, Bill thanked the excellent work of Rosco Edwards who rebuilt the 1974 Honda    motorcycle and the sponsorship supplied by SGIC for comprehensive insurance of our vehicles.

Under Membership our numbers for 2012 totalled 294 from 296 the previous year, and he honoured the sad passing of the following members ; David Richardson, David Rostan, Patricia Tennant, Hartley Payne and Geoff Cardwell.

Matters of significant interest; Farewell to Commissioner Hyde, appointment of our new PHS Patron and  the appointment of the new Deputy Commissioner to Vice Patron.  Dorothy Pyatt 65 years of service.

With continued support from SAPOL, particularly in terms of financial assistance in the provision of much of our computer equipment and the provision of our premises at the Thebarton Barracks, we can look forward to a successful future. This may not happen automatically and it is incumbent upon every member to assist us to reach our goals.  This can be achieved in many ways, including prompt payment of membership fees, assisting as a volunteer whenever possible, attending our monthly meetings, submitting contributions for our “Hue and Cry” or making suggestions to the Executive Committee for improvements or changes to the way we operate.
I look forward to a very successful 2013.



 Bill Prior.





Hartley Payne joined SAPOL  (D Troop) on 16/3/1936 and served until 1/10/1979.  He was born 24/4/1917 at Semaphore and passed away 16th November 2012 . He joined SAPOL 1936 and retired 1979 at the rank of  Sergeant. He had a fruitful career and has left a copy of his memoirs for our records.

John Malpas, twin brother of PHS member Peter will be well known to many volunteers and members.  He was born 28/3/1921 and passed away 13/12/2012.  He was known as the “Rhythm Man” for his love of Jazz.  He with his brother were excellent entertainers, performing with harmonica and guitar at our functions. 

Brian John Holloway CBE QPM
passed away in Perth on 23/1/2013 after a long illness aged 85yrs.  He joined SAPOL as a cadet in 1943 at 15yrs.  Brian resigned from SAPOL on 22/11/1948 and joined RPC&NGPF on 30/11/1948 as a Sub Inspector.  He saw service in Rabaul during the riots of 1958 where he was nearly murdered. He was awarded the QPM for meritorious and exemplary police service , the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and in 1971 was appointed a MBE. He rose to the rank of Commissioner retiring at that rank in 1975.  His family has supplied his  history for the Society records. 


Former member Elke PFAU OAM passed away on 21st January 2013.  Elke will be well known to many current and retired members particularly for her involvement in the International Police Association (IPA). She joined SAPOL in 1970 and rose through the ranks to Detective Senior Sergeant. She was elected President of the German Association in 2002 until 2005 and became involved in the Schuetzenfest and Oktoberfest.  Elke will also be   remembered for her involvement in Aged Care in the German community.


by Jim Sykes
In 1922:-

The Adelaide City Council asked police to stop newspaper boys from calling out their wares as they made too much noise.
  • lice used their Ambulance to convey members to South Terrace Adelaide so they could raid a “two up” school and got into trouble with Commissioner Leane for doing so.
The Press complained that police were not releasing sufficient information to them.
Police were not required to register their ambulances as they were used for public protection.

R.A.A. Guides warning motorists of police speed traps were to be requested to cease loitering under  the provisions of the Lottery and Gaming Act. [Crown Law Opinion].

Several journals from Mount Gambier and Penola which contained entries written by Adam Lindsay Gordon were handed to the Government to be placed in “Dingley Dell” Cottage near Port MacDonnell.

Old “Bulls Eye” lanterns were replaced with battery electric torches.

Rigby’s published a book on the Motor Vehicles Act and offered it to police at a discount price.

Motorists entering the State had to report to the nearest police station after crossing the border where their name and details of their vehicle were recorded.

A constable singing in Gawler Place on night shift was disturbing the residents.

The speed limit within a town, municipality or township was 20 m.p.h. inside and 30 m.p.h. outside.

The practice of giving 5 m.p.h. over the limit before taking action is to be discontinued.


Annual General Meeting—Friday 1st February 2013.

The 36th Annual General Meeting of the Police Historical Society was held on Friday the 1st February 2013 at the Society Meeting Room Thebarton Barracks. Approximately 50 members attended the meeting in which the President Bill Prior, congratulated Rob Clyne for his OAM.  Secretary Owen Bevan read the minutes of the previous AGM and Tony Woodcock presented the Treasurers Report. 
Tony announced that he would not be continuing as Treasurer after 16 years service.  Owen Bevan also announced his retirement from the committee as Secretary and Kate Woodcock did not contest the position of Committee.  Our auditor Stewart Munro also announced that he would not be   available as Auditor for the 2013 year and Jan Coventry nominated in his place and accepted the      position. 
Ken McLean and Ron Monck nominated for the executive committee and as there were no other nominations due to retirements, no election was necessary. Kevin Johnson nominated for the vacant position of Secretary. As a result of no nominations for the Treasurer’s position this was declared vacant.  The committee will appoint a Treasurer at a later date.


Life member and Treasurer, Tony Woodcock after presenting his last financial report being congratulated by President Bill Prior after 16years of service in that position.  Tony has  indicated that he will continue on as a regular volunteer managing the service medal collection and weapons collection.


Vice President Kevin Beare OAM was awarded life membership for his long hours in the museum but  unfortunately was not at the meeting owing to his recovery at home after a serious  illness.  President Bill and Kevin Johnson attended at his home and presented him with his award.

Secretary and Life Member Owen Bevan retiring after 11 years of service as Secretary.
 Owen has been involved with the Society from its very early days and will still be involved as a volunteer

As a result of the vacancy created at the AGM, new executive member Ken McLean has volunteered to take on the role as Treasurer.  He has been working on the scanning project which will now be taken over by his wife Jeanette, another busy volunteer.

New Committee Member Ron Monck has taken over the role formerly held by Kevin Johnson of Vehicle Coordinator.  He joined SAPOL in 1959, has worked in the Radio Room, and several police stations including Gepps Cross, St Peters, North  Adelaide, Prospect and Unley. He worked as an MTC at Accident Investigation  Squad before leaving SAPOL to work for an Accident Assessing Firm.  He has been a volunteer at PHS working in various areas, including the artefacts room entering data onto the computer system.

A surprise and welcome visitor was Life Member Bill Rojas currently residing in Canberra.


Bethany Boettcher and Max Griffiths being presented with  Certificates of  Appreciation by President Bill Prior for their
dedicated work restoring the Portable Cell.


On Saturday the 1st December 2012, members and friends attended the Society’s Christmas Dinner at the Police Club.
It was also the 35th anniversary of the Society and a cake suitably presented as a dessert. Secretary Owen Bevan was MC for the evening and President Bill Prior welcomed guests.  PHS Foundation Members, Dorothy Pyatt, Rob Clyne and Max Slee cut the anniversary cake.  Our Patron Commissioner Gary Burns APM and Vice Patron, Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens were guests of the Society.
President Bill Prior thanked the organisers for the hard work .A great night was had by all.









Sunday 21st April, 2013 Police Anzac Ceremony - Academy, Largs Bay 10.30 am.

Events for April.
Friday 26th April 2013—March from North Terrace to PHQ Angas Street Adelaide. (Re-enactment of Pay Parade).

Sunday 28th April 2013– Police Foundation Day at the Police Academy Open Day. Static displays by various LSA and Country Areas.


Old legends die hard in small communities, doubly so if the legends concern murder. One of the most monstrous stories of murder comes from 1920, when a woman and her three children were cruelly  poisoned at Rhynie not far from Riverton.

The Lee family lived in this small hamlet where the father Alec Newland Lee was a shearer. Through a shearing accident which disabled his right hand, Lee had been obliged to abandon work and receive medical attention for some weeks at the Willows Hospital near Nuriootpa. Here he became enamoured of a young woman who was working about the place. About a fortnight previous to the tragedy he accepted the opportunity to engage in droving, and it is believed that whilst so engaged in the north of the State, he signed the Poison Book, and thus established the fact of possession of strychnine.

In a settlement as small as Rhynie, many stories can be expected to have survived about this tragedy. One tells how Lee came back after dark when nobody saw him, planning to do away with his family and then go away again under cover of dark, however, the local storekeeper had to go down near the railway station, and was giving his dog a run. As they passed by a crop which was growing around the railway station, the dog smelt somebody hiding, and the storekeeper found Lee. Another story is that Lee’s brother said if they did not hang Alec he would shoot him himself as he was no good. Mrs. Lee was apparently a really good woman.

However, an old newspaper report states that Lee cycled about 300 yards to the local hotel to rouse his brother, and the police and a doctor were summoned. Mounted Constable Woodhead was the policeman.

Lee, on returning to his home, was just in time to see one little boy drawing his last breath. The little girl was the last to go, and she died in agony. Lee’s explanation of the occurrence was that some mouse poison had possibly been capsized, and had fallen into the milk, which the family had drunk before retiring.

There was a post-mortem examination and an inquest before the unfortunate victims were interred in the Riverton Cemetery on Good Friday morning. The headstone on the graves show that they bear out the story that the parents of the murdered mother were so distressed over the affair that her married name was not  included in the inscription.

There was a sensational development in this case on Easter Sunday when Detectives Nation and E. Goldsworthy of Adelaide, who were conducting the investigation, arrested Lee on a charge of murder. The subsequent trial ended with Lee being found guilty of murder and having the sentence of death passed on him.. he is supposed to have been the first man hanged in South Australia on the Poison Book evidence. In due time the “Register” of 16 July, 1920, reported:
“LEE HANGED - The condemned man Alexander Newland Lee who was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and three children was hanged at the Adelaide Gaol at 8 o’clock on Thursday morning. The Rev. W.H. Stanton [Lee’s spiritual adviser] said that the doomed man made no statement. The  execution was entirely of a private nature, and only officials required to attend were present. Death was     instantaneous. Lee maintained a calm demeanour to the end. He walked erect to the “drop’, turned to a warder and exclaimed “Good-bye Jim.” He met his death unflinchingly.
Supreme Courthouse, Adelaide, July 15th, 1920.

The following certificate and declaration of the execution of Alexander Newland Lee are published   pursuant to section 13 of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act, 1876.

W.L. STUART, Master.
The latest resolution adopted is as follows -
“That this body recommends to all unions that a general-stop-work holiday should be called on any day upon which an execution takes place, as a protest against capital punishment.”

Two other children of Lee, Amelia and Alice were not poisoned like the others, but were taken by a local  couple, who were fond of them, and who brought them up. The girls were always known by the names of these people.

I, Edward Kinmont, being the medical officer in attendance on the execution of Alexander Newland Lee, at the prison, at Adelaide, do hereby certify and declare that the said Alexander Newland Lee was, in pursuance of the sentence of the court, hanged by the neck until his body was dead.
Given under my hand this fifteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty, at the said prison.
 E.KINMONT, Medical Officer.

We, the undersigned, do hereby testify and declare that we have this day been present at the prison, at Adelaide when the extreme penalty of the law was carried into execution on the body of Alexander Newland Lee, convicted at the criminal sessions of the Supreme Court, held on the 17th day of June, 1920, and sentenced to death, and that the said Alexander Newland Lee was, in pursuance of the said sentence, hanged by his neck until his body was dead. Dated this fifteenth of July, A.D. 1920, at the said prison.

E. KINMONT, Gaol Surgeon
CHAS. MOLLOY                          ]
T. ARNOLD     ]                          
H.J. BURTON    ]                                          
P.A.C. PETTITT    ]                            
F.J. HIGGINS    ]       Turnkeys                            
R. BRUCE BRITTAN    ]                           
F.J. BICKFORD    ]                          
J. CONOLE    ]                                 
T.F. DRISCOLL, F.C.    ]        Constables                        
W. LAWRENCE, F.C.    ]               

There was, however, a strange “fringe benefit”, if one could call it that. The newspaper “Observer” of 24 July, 1920, carried the following -

“Proposed Execution Holiday. Many strange resolutions have emanated from the Trades Hall in recent times, but a new one of the “stop work” variety was provided at a meeting of the Building Trades Union, held in the Labour citadel on Thursday July 15”.

[The day that A.N. Lee was hanged. Editor]


The story of Australia's first and oldest organised police force. Colonial Blue is a warts and all examination of the South Australia Police Force from 1838 to 1916. An authoritative and honest account, it makes for provocative and compelling reading. With extensive and original use of primary source material, Colonial Blue explores the makeshift and disputed beginnings of the police in South Australia – a colony where crime was not meant to exist.
A$35 plus A$10 postage/packaging for this month only!

   Malcolm and Maureen Wright, Tracy Murphy, John Illingworth and Bill Miller



                  We Welcome you …….

APRIL MEETING—Friday 5th April 2013—7.30pm—Visit to the new Road Safety Centre (Theb Bks)

APRIL—Police Anzac Day—Sunday 21st April at 10-30am at the Police Academy.

MAY MEETING—Friday 3rd May 2013—7-30pm—Anne Lucas (Trekking across the Atacama Desert in South America)

   JUNE MEETING—Friday 7th June 2013—7-30pm– Geoff Rawson (Out of Africa and beyond)

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 Paul Hutchinson sent an email regarding our Spring 2012 edition. He noticed in our article “The History of Police Chaplaincy 1993-2012” that Police Chaplains Conference was held in 2011 but the photo indicates 2012.    Well spotted Paul the correct date was 2011. 

From Phil Butterworth, who reminded us that he was also involved in the Wall to Wall motorcycle ride to Canberra in September 2012.  We were restricted for room in that publication, his immaculate ex police 1979 HZ Holden, restored to as new condition, shown on right outside Police Headquarters. The vehicle was used as a support vehicle with non members Allan Ziegler, Mick Costello and Carol Bayder.
Thank you Phil.

Historical Society Library.

Our PHS library at Thebarton Barracks is being refurbished with the assistance of the Academy Library.   We have noticed that there are a few books missing.   If you have a library book can you please return it for re-cataloguing.  (No fines)

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The Police Historical Society have a number of Police Memorabilia and books for sale.
Please see what books are on offer and the monthly special, on-line.     Keep checking as new items will be added soon.

Sgt Archie Badenoch 2/43 AIF—photo 568

70th Anniversary Archie Badenoch.

On Sunday the 25th November 2012, a large group of PHS members, with SAPOL and interested members of the public attended at Queens Wharf Port Adelaide for a ceremony commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the death of the first police officer killed in WW2 and the subsequent naming of the police launch in his honour. 
Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens, representing SAPOL addressed the audience of invited guests and members of the public and paid tribute to the many police officers who served aboard police launches.
Lieutenant Karl Jordan represented the Navy, as the launch was originally used as a work boat during the war.  A special guest,  Inspector Rob Badenoch, nephew of Archie Badenoch was amongst the invited guests, as was Dorothy Pyatt, who with the assistance of Senior Constable Ron Newton (ret.) located the launch in a very poor condition and  returned the vessel to Adelaide, where Ron carefully restored it to its original condition. Ron was  unable to attend this function but his former partner Doug Rowe was present amongst the guests.

Ron Newton with students aboard the Archie Badenoch– photo 1302 (archival photo)



The Police Trad Jazz band provided the entertainment for the event. 

The spectacular fire boat leads the parade.

Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens addressing the crowd, with Lt. Karl Jordon, Dorothy Pyatt and Inspector Badenoch in the foreground.

Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens assists Dorothy Pyatt ..


Senior Constable Ron Newton (Ret).

Police Launch Archie Banenoch.

Academy Visit.

On Thursday 7th February members and volunteers of PHS met at the New Police Academy, at Taperoo.   Some arrived by car and others in a bus driven by Geoff Rawson.  We were shown around the academy by Sergeant Gerald Powell, who also gave us an interesting audio-visual presentation showing an aerial view of the new academy alongside the old Fort.
Gerald then showed us through the new auditorium with state of the art audio-visual equipment, seating and lighting, the mess-room and then classrooms with modern learning equipment.
We also visited the Firearms training facility and  the village where cadets and other police can practice in an almost reality situation.
All agreed the trip was well worth the effort, and we thank all academy staff involved.



Member Ernie in the new Academy Library.

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, the Society was involved in the Tour Down Under from Sunday 20/1/13 to 27/1/13.  Sunday 20th Bob Bosence and Ian Grose with the FJ Holden Sedan, Tuesday 22nd, Kevin Johnson, Rob McClory, Chrysler Royal, Wednesday 23rd John White Chrysler Royal, Thursday 24th Ron Monck and Ernie McLeod, Chrysler Royal Friday 25th Dennis and Dot Irrgang Chrysler Royal, Saturday 26th Kevin Johnson Jan Coventry Chrysler Royal, and Sunday 27th Kevin Johnson and John Illingworth FJ Holden Sedan.


Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Johnson, Di Lugg, Jan Coventry, Ron Monck, Ernie McLeod Dennis Irrgang and Ross Edwards the Chrysler Royal, Holden Commodore, 1981 Honda and BSA Solo Motor Cycle were taken to the  “Yesterday’s Power” at the Milang Oval, run by the  Milang Vintage Machinery Club.

Goolwa Pageant 9/12/2012.

Dennis Irrgang, Dete Sekulla, Kevin Johnson, Dot Irrgang, Di Lugg, Ron Monck, Ernie McLeod and Sue Taylor attended the Goolwa Pageant with the 1973 and 1981 Honda Motor Cycles , the Chrysler Royal and  Holden Commodore


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It is with much pleasure I present the 36th Annual President's Report and my third Annual Report as President of the South Australian Police Historical Society Inc.

2012 did not start well for the Society.  On Wednesday 4th January 2012 Life Member Geoff Rawson attended at our offices with the intention of checking our mail and emails.  To his horror, he found that a water pipe in an up-stairs toilet had burst some days earlier and the entire lower floor of the archive area was completely flooded.  Most of our archive records were wet.

With the help of a small but extremely dedicated group of volunteers, the records were moved to a dry area.  Thankfully, the damage appeared much worse than it actually was and we have now recovered from that set-back.  In actual fact, the set-back has given us an opportunity to review our holdings and now, with the assistance and cooperation of SAPOL's Records Management Section, we are transferring some significant records to State Archives, where there are more appropriate facilities to store them.

The remainder of the year was far more productive.  I am extremely happy to report that we have finished the year in a very sound financial position, our membership remains healthy and we have made significant advancements in a number of areas.  This is a very pleasing situation as we approach our 175th Anniversary on 28th April this year.

While our dedicated group of volunteers has been busy completing many routine tasks in the past year, 2013 will offer many new challenges.  Most of these challenges will centre around our 175th celebrations.  SAPOL has established a team within its Special Events Section to coordinate events across the State, and we will participate in many of these activities.  We have a tremendous opportunity to significantly raise our profile, not only with the serving members of SAPOL, but also within the broader community.
Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee have continued to work tirelessly to ensure the Society is managed in a competent and  professional manner. 

Throughout this year the Executive has been involved in many important discussions and decisions.  Some of the most significant include:

Display Cabinet
I reported on this matter in my initial President's Report and again last year, when there had been no change to the status of this matter.  I am now very pleased to report that we have taken delivery of a new, purpose built medal display cabinet.   The cabinet was constructed by a local company and is of a very high quality.

While the issues with the original company have not been fully resolved, the Executive Committee does not anticipate any further complications.

SAPOL Volunteer Program
Most of our regular volunteers have now been registered with the formal SAPOL Volunteer Program and have been supplied with official Identity Badges.

In the past 12 months, our volunteers have contributed 10,345 hours (equates to 1,380 working days at 7.5 hours per day) to the work of the Society.  Thank you very much to all the dedicated volunteers for your excellent contribution.

 Road Safety School   -Vehicle Museum
In my last President's Report I reported that the Vehicle Museum was to be retained within the precinct of the Road Safety School development.  We had hoped that the project would include some modifications and perhaps improvements to the Vehicle area.  Unfortunately the project did not include anything major, although the area on the southern side of our Vehicle Garage is now much tidier.

    However, as part of the Project, we were required to relocate our storage shed.  Thanks to the considerable efforts and skills of Kevin Johnson, Denis Irrgang, Ernie McLeod and Peter Moller, the storage area and contents  were moved from the southern side to the northern side of the garage.

Digitising of Personnel Records
Last year we received funding to purchase two high speed scanners and associated computer equipment to enable the Society to digitise the Personnel Records of all members.  We have commenced this project, although it will take some time to complete.  We constantly liaise with SAPOL's Human Resources Section who assist by supplying the records in batches as required.     Once the records are digitised, we supply a copy to SAPOL to assist with their enquiries. 

This project is being capably managed by Ken and Jeanette McLean.

Service Awards
Secretary, Owen Bevan has been managing a project to examine how we can better recognise the efforts of our Volunteers.  Owen will present his findings to this Annual General Meeting, but in short we have determined that we should more clearly articulate the criteria for our recognition processes.  Recognition may range from Life Membership (generally the highest award for a member) through to certificates and recognition for efforts that are 'once off' but requiring formal acknowledgement.

Electronic Marketing
A small sub-group was developed to examine the use of various internet sites for promoting the sale of our memorabilia, including the range of books we hold.  This is a new venture for us and while we have had some initial success in relation to increased sales, we believe there is room for improvement.   We will continue to monitor sales and explore opportunities to expand them.

Police Clearance Certificates
Until recently, membership to the Society was by invitation from one  member, seconded by another member.  Through this process, it was  generally possible to determine if a potential member met our criteria.  This was a particularly simple process when dealing with serving or former police officers, usually well known to the proposer and seconder.

However, we have recently noted an increase in applications to join by persons not known to the Executive Members and/or general members. For this reason it was considered necessary to add the requirement to conduct a formal police clearance process to some membership applications prior to approval by the Society.

175th Commemorative Cap Badge Set
The Executive authorised the expenditure of a significant amount of money to enable the manufacture, purchase and distribution of 175 commemorative cap badge sets.  Requests for these sets far exceeded our expectations and all have been pre-purchased.  A special thanks to Treasure Tony Woodcock and his wife Kate who managed the allocation process.  This proved far more complex and time consuming than originally anticipated.

The sale of these sets has significantly boosted our budget and we are now in a position to fund a number of other activities that will be undertaken as part of our 175th Anniversary celebrations.


Police Anzac Day
This event was conducted at the new Police Academy's newly dedicated Memorial Gardens on 22nd April 2012.  Life Member Dorothy Pyatt presented her well researched story of Lt Francis Michael Nelson.  The event was attended by over 40 members of the Society.  Vice President Kevin Beare OAM laid a wreath on behalf of the Society.

Foundation Day
Foundation Day 2012 recognised 90 years of motorised police transport.   Celebrations included a vehicle display in Rundle Mall on Saturday 28th April.  The vehicles attracted significant interest from the people within the Mall.  Thanks to Geraldine White (SAPOL) and Bob Boscence for organising the event and to the many volunteers who assisted with the display.

National Police Remembrance Day
This event was held at the new Police Academy for the first time.  Unfortunately the weather was not kind and the service was held indoors.   However, there was a large number of people in attendance.   Vice President Kevin Beare related the story of Mounted Constable George Thomas Smith who died while attempting to rescue two men from a well at Gumeracha on 31st December 1928.  Descendants of M/C Smith and of the other individuals involved in the incident attended the event at the invitation of the Society.

Holger and Ros Kruse represented the Society at the Annual Banrock Station ceremony, which commemorates the deaths of Mounted Constable Carter and Corporal Wickham, the first two serving officers to killed in the execution of their duties.  They drowned while attempting to cross the River Murray near that location in pursuit of a criminal on 7th May 1847.

35th Birthday Celebrations
In conjunction with our Christmas Dinner, we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of our foundation.  It was fitting to have three members -  Rob Clyne, Max Slee and Dorothy Pyatt  -  present at our celebration.  These three members had been present it the meeting which was held to establish the Society.   Fittingly, they cut the birthday cake which was then served as desert.   Also present was John White, who is a foundation member, former Deputy Commissioner, former Deputy Patron and a Life Member.

70th Anniversary of launch of Archie Badenoch
On the 1st November 2012 it was the 70th anniversary of the death of Archie Badenoch, the first South Australian police officer to be killed in the Second World War.  It was also the 70th anniversary of the launch of the police rescue boat that was named in his honour.  The Society was pleased to accept an invitation from the Maritime Museum to participate with them in a commemoration ceremony to honour both the man and the  vessel, which took place at Port Adelaide on Sunday 25th November 2012.  The ceremony was attended by a large number of Society members.


Monthly Meetings
Secretary, Owen Bevan again arranged the speaker program for our monthly meetings.  Again, he provided a wide variety of excellent speakers, including Nigel Hunt, Author of the publication 'The First Police Union - The History of the SA Police Association',   Professor Suzanne Miller, Director of the SA Museum, Sergeant David Scutchings STAR Group member and 2011 Churchill Fellow, who spoke on his research into the use of helicopters for monitoring of vehicles in high speed pursuits.

In addition, we were also entertained with excellent presentations from some of our own members, including Vice President Kevin Beare (Early days of the Drug Squad),  John White (Police Marine Transport) and Rob McClory (Overseas experiences with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs). 

Perhaps the highlight of the year was a visit to the new Police Headquarters building at 100 Angus Street, Adelaide.  The visit was facilitated and hosted by Chief Inspector Guy Buckley and provided members with a 'behind the scenes' tour of the very modern complex.

Volunteer Meetings
Thanks to Kate Woodcock, who has continued  to arrange these meetings throughout the past year and to Vice President Kevin Beare who chairs the meetings. While the meetings are informal, they provide the volunteers with an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the progress of our Society.

These meetings act as a forum in which the Executive Committee can seek input to issues under consideration or can quickly convey decisions of the Executive Committee to our volunteers.

SAPOL funding and Support
I would again like to formally acknowledge the financial support of $5,000:00 provided to the Historical Society by SAPOL and also for providing the bulk of our computer equipment.  This allows a number of volunteers to perform data-entry and other functions, particularly on Thursdays.  The old main server for the computer system failed in the early part of the year and had now been replaced with a new system.  Thanks to the IS&T Branch within SAPOL for managing this process.

WEB site
Our Web Administrator, Charlie Tredrea has continued his work up-dating, managing and monitoring the use of our web-site.  It may be of interest to note that in the past 12 months, approximately 2,500 'Unique Visitors' visit our web site each month.

    Restoration of Portable Cell
 For many years we have had a very old portable prison cell located near the rear of our vehicle garaged.  The cell had to be moved to facilitate the building works associated with the new Road Safety School.  It was decided     to refurbish the cell and relocate it to the entrance to the Barracks.

    Thanks to the substantial efforts of Max Griffiths and Bethany Beottcher, the exterior of the cell has been completely refurbished and painted.  The interior was in surprisingly good condition and has been left in its original condition.  The Cell now holds pride of place under the large palm tree near the entrance to the Barracks.  It is a highlight during our Museum tours and attracts comment from many of the  staff and visitors at Barracks.

    Well done Bethany and Max.

    The facilities of our large meeting hall are often sought by various SAPOL groups.  In conjunction with this, we were offered the opportunity to cater for the South Australian Police and Emergency Services (SAPES) Games, the Ride Like Crazy Sponsor acknowledgement ceremony and the SAPOL Retirement Recognition Function.

    These catering opportunities have provided us with valuable income to support our activities.

    Special thanks to the hard-working volunteers lead by Kate Woodcock, Di Lugg and Helen Ward for their efforts.  I am aware that after every event, those attending make comment on the high quality of the food and service provided by the volunteers.

    As a result of these functions we were also provided with the opportunity to assist with the catering for the opening of the new Police Legacy offices in Carrington Street, Adelaide.

    We thank the organisers of each of these events for providing the Society the opportunity to also promote our activities while catering.

Thanks to the efforts of two members of the Nairne Painters Group, Helen Carman and Linda Wyatt, we now have a large mural depicting two Mounted Police Troupers with horses outside an old stone cell complex, mounted in the entrance foyer to our administration area. 

A small ceremony was held during morning tea on 10th January 2013 to acknowledge to work of Helen and Lyn.  Special thanks to Kevin Johnson who arranged with the ladies to complete the painting, then also arranged its mounting in the foyer.


At 31 December 2012 our membership totalled 294.  This is a slight reduction from the 296 members recorded at the end of last financial year.

It is with particular sadness that we remember David Richardson, Davis Rostan (a regular Thursday volunteer), Patricia Tennant, Hartley Payne and Geoff Cardwell, who passed away in the past 12 months.


Farewell to Commissioner Hyde.
In March we bid farewell to Commissioner Mal Hyde.  Mal had been our Patron and a tremendous supporter of the Society.  We held a special farewell, morning tea at which we presented Mal with a commemorative set of the Society's cuff links.  We thank Mal for his support, guidance and assistance during his term as Commissioner.

Appointment of New Patron and Deputy Patron
Following his appointment to the rank of Commissioner in March 2012, we invited Garry Burns to accept appointment to the position of Patron of our Society.  We were extremely please that he agreed to accept our invitation.

Likewise, following his appointment to the position of Deputy Commissioner in October, Grant Stevens was invited to accept the position of Deputy-Patron.  Grant has also accepted our invitation.

65 years of Service  -  Dorothy Pyatt
In October the Thursday volunteer group celebrated with Dorothy Pyatt to acknowledge the 65th anniversary of the date she originally joined SAPOL   Apart from a short break of almost 4 years, Dorothy as served as a police officer, clerical assistant and volunteer since that time.  Congratulations Dorothy.  We certainly enjoy your continued support.

The Future

As we celebrate our 175th birthday during 2013 we have the opportunity to greatly increase the awareness within the community of the role, function and activities undertaken by the Society.  We must grasp that opportunity with both hands.

We are in a sound position financially and have a solid membership base.  However, we need more people to volunteer their services the ensure we can commit to many of the activities we have organised in conjunction with SAPOL.  I call on those members who have some time available to assist us to volunteer for some of these activities.  I am sure you will find the time spent interesting, exciting and rewarding.

The ceremonial cap badge project has indicated that quality memorabilia can be successfully sold.  We have also arranged in conjunction with Police Legacy to produce a special edition of their 'Police Bear'. The bears will be launched at the Academy Foundation Day event.


In general terms our Society is in a sound financial position and has a solid membership base.  With continued support from SAPOL, particularly in terms of financial assistance, provision of much of our computer equipment and the provision of our premises at the Thebarton Barracks, we can look forward to a successful future.

However, this may not happen automatically and it is incumbent upon every member to assist us reach our goals.  This can be achieved in many ways, including prompt payment of membership fees, assisting as a volunteer whenever possible, attending our monthly meetings, submitting contributions for our Hue and Cry or making suggestions to the Executive Committee for improvements or changes to the way we operate.

I look forward to a very successful 2013.

Bill Prior