February 2001

At the February 2001 AGM I was again honored to be elected as the Society’s president for the coming year. Again I very much look forward to working with you all to ensure that the Society continues to grow and achieve its objectives.

My February president’s report consists of the Annual Report presented to the Society’s 24th Annual General Meeting. It is with pleasure that it is reproduced in this edition of the Hue & Cry.

As you may be aware His Excellency the Governor will be our special guest at the March 2 meeting. His Excellency has also accepted an invitation to be our guest speaker. I am also pleased that our Patron, Commissioner Mal Hyde and Mrs Hyde have also accepted an invitation to join us on the evening.

I hope that as many members and friends as possible will be able to join us on this special occasion, where we will have the opportunity to show the Governor the many Society achievements.

The meeting will commence at our normal time of 8 PM and members are asked to bring along the usual basket supper.


John White

(2000 — 2001)

Presented by President John White
At the SAPHS Annual General Meeting
Thebarton Barracks
Friday 3 February 2001

It is with much pleasure that I present the 24th Annual Report of the South Australian Police Historical Society for the year 2000 -- 2001, this being my sixth annual report as President.

The report highlights and acknowledges many successes which have been achieved by the Society and its members during the past year and also touches upon several non achievements and issues that has cause this Society much frustration. The report also recognises those members who, sadly, passed away during the year in review.

As with my previous Annual Reports I have taken the opportunity to reflect back in some detail on the year. I believe it is important at such times as this to stop and catch our breath and, examine the Society’s activities and experiences so as to better enable us to plan and move forward into the next year.

Firstly however, I would like to take this opportunity to recognise those Society members who have sadly passed away since our last annual general meeting. They are Life Member Barbara Allen, Pat Hurley, Hazel Millowick, Clare Rudd and Frank Liebing. I know that those members will be sadly missed by us all and again our sympathy is extended to their families and loved ones.

The Society during the past year has continued to remain a very strong, vibrant and successful organisation, both administratively and financially. During the year J am pleased to report that a number of new members have joined, taking our membership to

As in the past twenty-four years the strength of the Society has been the enthusiasm, dedication and strong commitment by the members. This year has been no exception. As a demonstration of that I would like to take a few minutes to specifically address a number of activities undertaken by the members and highlight some of the successes.

The ‘Thursday Group’. It is known as that because of the growing number of volunteers who attend Thebarton Barracks every Thursday and undertake a variety of work for the Society. In fact the term ‘Thursday Group’ is somewhat of a misnomer as I am aware that many of the members attend at Barracks on many other days, in addition to Thursday. It is not uncommon for up to 15 to 20 members to be in attendance and busily going abut their work.

In regards to this group, I would firstly like to acknowledge Allan Peters for his enormous commitment and effort in his research role. Allan has taken over the research responsibilities for police, other historical associations and public enquiries concerning police and police related family history. I know that Allan, on behalf of SAPOL and the Society, has answered literally hundreds of enquiries during the year, but not only that, he is also assisting with the writing and editing of the next Jean Schmaal type book.

Also as part of the ‘Thursday Group’ Stewart Munro and Isabell Brooks have continued with the entry of data onto the Society’s computer system. The Society’s move towards establishing our own database system was due to the foresight, vision and persistence of Jim Sykes. I know that Jim, who continues to manage our computer systems, has great pride in our achievements in this area, as we have developed and now have one of the largest Police Historical Society databases within Australia and possibly the world, with over 273,000 items of data on the system. Thanks to the foresight of Jim and efforts of Stewart, Isabell and other members such as Audrey Wallace and Geoff Rawson, that our database of valuable historical information continues to grow and expand.

Shirley Hayward has continued with her valuable contribution to the ‘Thursday Group’, where for the past seven to eight months she has undertaken the laborious but essential task of editing, cutting and pasting press cuttings into books for future reference and research. Likewise, Audrey Walker and Alf Jarvis likewise have continued with their great effort of setting up and maintaining the Society’s library, which has continued to grow during the year. This was achieved, despite Alf having a considerable time in hospital.

Dorothy Pyatt has continued with her dedicated commitment to the photographic collection comprising of approximately 18,000 items. With the great assistance of Geoff Rawson and Audrey Wallace, approximately 13,000 items of the photographic collection are now recorded on the Society’s computer database.

Rob Thomson has continued with his usual dedication to managing the vast collection and hiring of historical uniforms. Early last year Rob’s efforts in this area were recognised with his award of a Life Member of this Society. Rob has continued to manage single handedly the ever increasing and demanding job of oversighting the uniform collection. Likewise, Joe Linnane has continued with the management of the canteen, where members and visitors can be assured of a cool drink whilst browsing over the display of Society memorabilia offered for sale.

Alan Hyson also continued with his excellent efforts of maintaining the Society’s film archives, video collection and associated projection equipment as well as being the projectionist at many of our monthly Friday night meetings. In addition Alan during the year made and presented to the Society’s a magnificent Honor Roll which is now proudly displayed in our meeting room.

Many other members also contributed to the 'Thursday Group’, such as Esther Flinn, Dave Aylett and the ‘Car Team’.

Of course the ‘Thursday Group’ would not survive without the great efforts of Edna Wellington who over the year has continued to look after the members welfare by organising the fine morning teas, as only Edna can do.

Like the ‘Thursday Group’, the ‘Car Team’ for want to a better name, comprised of Rex Greig, Ernie McLeod, Dave Aylett, Frank Connor and Rod Stokes and assisted at times by Butch Grose, have not only continued to service and maintain in excellent condition the growing collection of historical vehicles, but have devoted many hundreds of hours to ‘restoring the FJ Holden, which I am pleased to report is making steady progress, Rex and his team have proudly stated that the FJ will be in better shape when restored than when it left Holden’s production line at Woodville in the early 1950’s. Not only does the team attend at Thebarton Barracks on each Thursday, but I am also aware that Rex and his team take many of the vehicle parts home for many hours of laborious but loving restoration work. In addition to all this the team assisted by other Society members, also find time to take the Chrysler Royal Highway Patrol car to many public display and events.

In addition to those who I have just mentioned there are many others who contribute in a very special way. For example Ray Killmier and Chas Hopkins, with Bob Potts and Jim Sykes, have continued to undertake considerable work at home researching and indexing many hundreds of old PCO files. I would also like to especially acknowledge the excellent commitment of Frank Connor in his tireless efforts in restoring the ex-police Suzuki and the recently acquired BMW solo motor cycles and for the on-going care and maintenance of the Honda motor cycle and outfit. Also a special thanks to Tony Woodcock, who in addition to always being with the ‘Thursday Group’, has continued to fulfill the important task of Treasurer and meticulously maintained the Society financial records and to Stewart Munro who performed the role of auditor. In addition to his involvement in the Society’s many public activities, Bill Rojas again efficiently and single handedly organised our annual Christmas Card sales, which again resulted in a substantial profit for the Society. It is also import to recognise the sterling effort of Esther Flinn who without fail organises the raffles for our Friday night meetings and to say a special thanks to all those members who have contributed prizes throughout the year. I would also like to thank Joe Linnane who, no matter what the temperature, willingly dresses in the early 1800’s mounted troopers uniform for many of our public displays and activities. Joe is always a hit with the children and public in general and adds that little extra historical touch to our activities. Joe is also at times assisted by Bob Job and I know that the Police Expos would not be same without Mounted Trooper Linnane and Foot Sergeant Job on the job patrolling in their uniforms.

The Society has continued to recognise the importance of publicising our activities and to this end I give a special thanks to Jan Hutchin who this year, as with previous years, single handedly produced, edited, printed and distributed on a monthly basis the Society’s magazine the “Hue & Cry”. In my six years as president, Jan has never missed the regular publication of the Hue & Cry” and has met all deadlines. I know that members look forward to the monthly publication and on behalf of us all I extend a very special thanks to Jan. Also through the efforts of Jim Sykes, the Society now has its own WebPage on the Internet. The WebPage has been developed and is being maintained by Senior Sergeant Charlie Tredrea. The Web Page is excellent and a special thanks is extended to Charlie for his assistance and efforts, they are truly appreciated.

The past year has continued to be very busy one for the Society. A few examples of our activities include our significant contribution to and involvement in the 2000 Police Expo, where record public crowds attended at the Police Academy, Fort Largs. The Society was allocated the entire old Fort area, where a comprehensive police historical display was organised and staffed by the Society. The Society in April again conducted the Police Anzac Service at Fort Largs and supported the National Police Remembrance Day. In addition to attending with the Chrysler Royal Highway Patrol car and supporting a number of local police and community functions, the Chrysler participated in the annual Toy Run, Australia Day parade, Glenelg pageant, Bay to Birdwood historic car rally and the McLaren Vale Bushing Festival. In addition to the ‘Car Team’ who attended with the Chrysler at many of the functions, thanks are also extend to Tony Woodcock, Bob Job, Bob Ward and Joe Linnane who also helped out. The Society also provided a display at the SAPOL stand at the Royal Adelaide Show and in November last the Society was also the central feature to the SA Historical Society public display held at Elder Park. Society members dressed in old and historic uniforms and stood with the display in temperatures of nearly 38 degrees. I have previously acknowledged the members’ efforts and again reinforce my appreciation.

Of special noteworthy was the Police Foundation Day held on 28 April at Naracoorte, the unveiling of a plaque at the former site of the Julia Creek Police Station in November and in the same month, the conducting of the Historical Society Anniversary dinner. All of these functions were strongly supported by Society members, as well as local government bodies, community groups, local police and the public in general. These activities of course do not just happen. Again the special efforts of Bob Potts and Bill Rojas were pivotal to the activities and a special thanks must be extended to Sergeant Gary Griffiths of Naracoorte Police for his contribution to the Police Foundation Day and to Esther Flinn for the vital role that she played in the Julia Creek activity. These activities were also actively supported by Owen Bevan and I extend my heartfelt to you all. Also a special thanks to Tony Woodcock who again organised our highly successful anniversary dinner.

In addition to all of this a number of working bees were also held during the year and my special thanks to all those who gave of their time and efforts and particularly to Dave Aylett who acted as the BBQ cheif.   A special thanks is also extended to Joe Linnane, Rob Thompson, Alan Hyson, Jim Sykes, Isabell Brooks and Stewart Munro who at short notice transferred a huge collection of books in unpleasant weather conditions from the old driving wing building to a new storage area in a former STAR Force shed.

Whilst I have spent much time highlighting the many achievements and success of the past 12 months, unfortunately I have to report that due to building maintenance our temporary museum had to be dismantled and regrettably for the entire year the museum was closed to visitors and we were unable to provide a public museum display. The Society has prided itself over many years of being able to provide a public historical police museum display which has been sought after and well attended by community groups. This has been in support to SAPOL’s community relations and crime reduction strategies. I know that the closing of the museum has been of major concern to many Society members and the Society Executive, and has caused much frustration and disappointment. It is my strong desire that this situation be resolved early in this coming year so that we can again provide this valuable police museum service to SAPOL and the community.

During the year three Life Memberships were awarded. They being, Rob Thomson, Charlie Hopkins and myself   I take this opportunity to again congratulate Rob and Charles and I would like to again publicly record my gratitude for being given such and honor. It certainly was a great surprise and one, which I will always treasure.

Also on a positive note I would like to thank the Society members for your excellent support of all activities throughout the year and for the constant high number of members who attend our monthly Friday night meetings. The meetings have been supported by a varying range of excellent speakers including Bob Calvesbert, Joe Linnane, John Bartlett, Ken Thorsen, Mark Kasperski, John Fitzgerald and Alex Mathieson to name a few. I can only encourage all members to continue with your support as it is this that makes this Society so successful and vibrant.

Before concluding I would also like to thank those organisations and people who have supported the Society during the past year. Of particular note was a donation of one thousand dollars from the Police Credit Union towards the restoration of the FJ Holden patrol car.

I would also like to record my appreciation for the support and commitment of all members of the Society’s Executive, and in particular to Owen Bevan who regularly acted as President during my overseas absences and at Executive meetings when I was not able to attend due to work commitments. Such an opportunity such as this cannot go by without recording my special thanks to Bob Potts, who whilst suffering from severe ill health has never faltered in his total commitment to this Society. It is great to see Bob’s health is on the improve and that he has been able to join us in so many activities this year.

Finally, as I have done in previous annual reports I would like to put on record the overall success of this Society in preserving and recording the proud history of policing in this State. The Society has been in existence for some 24 years and in that time the members have donated many thousands of voluntary hours. We have amassed a huge collection of police memorabilia and artifacts, established a photograph collection of approximately 18,000 photographs, created a database of some 273,000 items and collected over 2,500 uniform items. The Society has a world class collection of international police hats and badges, and established a significant collection of historical police vehicles, including an 1850’s Gold Escort cart, an 1885 horse drawn Black Maria, frilly restored a Chrysler Royal Highway Patrol car, a Bedford Riot truck and a variety of ex-SAPOL bicycle and motor cycles. We have provided reference material and items for a number of Government and community historical units and museums, published a number of books and have contributed in a very significant way to assisting SAPOL by providing an insight into current and historical aspects of policing in this State. The Society is committed to supporting the many SAPOL public activities and community policing programs both at the corporate and local level.

This year alone I have estimated that Society members have donated in excess of seven thousand hours. Often the many thousands of people who experience the efforts of the Society believe that it is SAPOL who is providing the service, rather than recognising that it is the dedicated efforts of the Police Historical Society volunteers. If ever there was a fine example of volunteers in support of policing in this State, then it is the Police Historical Society. The Society receives little independent financial support is not seeking public recognition of its activities but is rewarded in the knowledge that the members’ efforts are contributing to the betterment of policing in this State and is supporting SAPOL in a very real way in its endeavors.

In conclusion the year has been a busy and successful one. The Society continues to be strong in all aspects and has a sound financial base. I am very confident that this coming year will be as successful. It is already off to a great start with His Excellency the Governor, Sir Eric Neal, joining us at our, next general meeting to be held on Friday 2nd March, 2001.

I thank you for the opportunity and honor to be your President for the past twelve months and with you, I look forward to the continued growth and success of this Society in the coming year.

Thank you

John White

Continuing in the series of





Mount Geherty Small geographical
feature north of
Cowell on Eyre
James Gerharty (various spellings of surname), Police trooper and sergeant who joined S.A. Police in 1841 and served for many years at isolated locations on Eyre Peninsula including Venus Bay. He was involved in early exploration in the area. He took up pastoral pursuits in 1863.
Ockenden Spring 
Ockenden Creek
Small geographical
features near 
William Marshall Ockenden (1842—1904). Worked initially on Peake pastoral run in far north of state, and joined S.A. Police in 1867, serving as a police trooper at various country locations including Mount Pleasant, Reedy Creek (near Palmer) Clare, Mount Barker, Gawler etc.
Dewson Small railway station 12 Km north-west of Tintinara, now known as Culburra Believed to have been named after police trooper Isaac Dewson, a member of S.A. Police, 1840—1854, and member of gold escort from Victorian diggings to Adelaide.



julia creek.JPG

Left to right:
President JOHN WHITE, taking part at the unveiling of the
S.A. Police Heritage Site Plaque at Julia Creek in November

Correction re. the Cover of last months HUE & CRY.
The third member mentioned at the grave site of Trooper
Kewson at Clare, was Terry Clark, not Terry Roberts as

Just forty-five minutes before the ship Neo Hebridais was due to leave Sydney for Noumea in the late 1940s, custom officers found two ounces (56 grams) of liquid opium behind some panelling. They conducted an investigation, arrested a man, and took him to court where he was fined a total of £25 ($50) they then returned him to the ship. All before the scheduled departure time.


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