On Friday the 6th February 2004 the Annual General Meeting of the South Australian Police Historical Society was held in the meeting room at Thebarton Barracks.

John White elected not to stand for President having decided to “pass the baton” on to someone else.  As the previous Vice President I stood for the position & I was, therefore, elected unopposed.  It is with pride that I accept the position & would like to pass on my thanks to John White for his outstanding contribution since 1995 when he was elected President & we look forward to his continued involvement with the Society.

Owen Bevan stood for the position of Vice President & Secretary & Tony Woodcock stood for the position of Treasurer.  Both were also elected unopposed & I congratulate them both.

The following members were elected to the six committee positions : Rex Greig, Alan Hyson, Allan Peters, Elees Pick (Editor of Hue & Cry), Bill Rojas & Jim Sykes.
My congratulations to these members.

Appreciation certificates were awarded to Shirley Hayward, Isobel Brooks, Elees Pick, Alf Jarvis and Audrey Walker & to my surprise myself.

The long awaited Constitution was passed at the meeting & steps are currently in hand for a number of policy documents to be put to the Executive Committee for approval.  A number of regulations are planned to be introduced to compliment the constitution in the very near future.

It was pleasing to see about 55 members attend, including Max Slee who wrote the original constitution.

Next month’s meeting will be a visit to Parliament House & members are requested to be at Thebarton barracks prior to 7.00 pm (1900hrs) to allow time for the buses to transport members to the City.

In April our Foundation Day (28th) is planned to be held at Penola & will focus on police trackers and in particular Alfred (Alf) Ryan, who is buried at Penola.

Several buses have been booked for the event - leaving early on the 28th & coming back on the 29th requiring an overnight stay.  The trip is a 4½ to 5 hour drive.  Members who wish to be involved will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation, however, we have information at Thebarton which can be posted to you if you require. There are many things to see & do at Penola. We would appreciate members advising us if they wish to attend, either by bus or other means, for catering purposes as all society members will be invited to attend afternoon tea.

Geoff Rawson


Stan Lockwood 

we welcome you

Your Committee & Office Holders:

  -  Mr. M.A. Hyde APM – Commissioner of Police

President:    Geoff Rawson                           

Vice President/Secretary:  Owen Bevan

Treasurer:     Tony Woodcock                        Editor:  Elees Pick


Historian:  Allan Peters


Executive Committee

Rex Greig    Alan Hyson    Allan Peters    Elees Pick    Bill Rojas    Jim Sykes


Point Duty Police Officer, Rundle Street, Adelaide
 It was 108F degrees in the shade. 15-01-62.


As promised arrangements have been made for the Historical Society to visit Parliament House on Friday the 5th March, 2004 

To avoid any parking problems arrangements have been made for a bus to transport members to and from the city and we sincerely thank Frank O’Connor for once again volunteering to drive the bus. 

The bus will be driven by Bob Job and will leave Holden Hill Police Station prior to 7.00 PM if anyone would like to board from there,
It is requested that all members be aboard the bus at the Thebarton Barracks 
at 7.00 p.m. sharp
We look forward to seeing you there.


(2003 – 2004)

Presented by President John White
SAPHS Annual General Meeting
Thebarton Barracks
Friday 6 February 2004

It is with much pleasure that I present the 27th Annual Report of the South Australian Police Historical Society for the year 2003 – 2004, this being my ninth and final annual report as President of the Society.

In presenting my report I am conscious that during the past twelve months I have not been able to contribute as much in my role as President as I have in previous years.  With the increase in demand on my time due to work commitments I have during the year been absent from several of the Society’s general meetings and I have not been able to attend the Executive meetings.  I would like to thank the Executive Committee and members for their understanding and unyielding support and in particular, I would like to thank Vice President Geoff Rawson for stepping in and fulfilling in a very capable manner the President's role in my absence.

This years Annual Report again provides a detailed overview of the Society’s many activities undertaken during the past twelve months and highlights and acknowledges the many positive outcomes that have been achieved.  Clearly, the Society during the past year has continued to remain a very strong, vibrant and successful organisation, both administratively and financially.  I am pleased to report that the Society continues to maintain its membership of around three hundred.

As in the past 26 years the strength of the Society has been in the enthusiasm, dedication and strong commitment by its members.  This year has been no exception with many positive outcomes being achieved.

These include:

As in other previous President Reports I would once again firstly like to recognise the outstanding commitment of the “Thursday Group” which in my view is the back bone and perhaps the ‘heart’ of the Society.  Their work and contribution cannot be underestimated.  The ‘Thursday Group’ as it is known comprises of a dedicated group of volunteers who attend Thebarton Barracks every Thursday and undertake a variety of work in such areas as research, recording and restoration of memorabilia, artefacts, maps, documents and photographs, vehicle restoration, film archiving, hiring and restoration of police uniforms and answering the many public and internal police requests for historical information, as well as maintaining a press cutting and library services .  I am aware that many of the members attend at Barracks on many other days, in addition to Thursday.  It is not uncommon for up to fifteen to twenty members to be regularly in attendance and busily going about their voluntary work.  Whilst too many to name in this report I extend a hearty congratulations to you all on your efforts and achievement during the past year and assure you that your efforts and commitment are appreciated.

In addition to the Thursday group a large number of members continued to volunteer to drive the Chrysler Royal and historic motor cycles and other vehicles in the many parades, including such events as the Tour Down Under, the annual Children's’ Toy Run and the Glenelg Christmas pageant, the Australia Day Parade, as well as many other historic and community activities including the Victor Harbor Heritage Week, Kapunda and Light Agriculture Society Parade and the Adelaide Gaol and Sunybrae Farm activities.  Once again, many thanks for all your efforts.

During the past year a number of problems have again been experienced with the Society’s computers.  I know that this has brought great frustration on many Society members, including our Vice President Geoff Rawson and Jim Sykes.  We can only hope that the problems can soon be rectified once for all as computers now are integral to the Society being able to undertake its daily business.  Further improvements still to be made to the computer system will ensure that this valuable work continues by the dedicated voluntary team of data entry members.

A special thanks again to Tony Woodcock, who in addition to always being with the ‘Thursday Group’ has continued to fulfil the important task of Treasurer and meticulously maintained the Society’s financial records.  Also I would like to again recognise Stewart Munro who continued to perform the role of financial auditor for the Society.  In addition to his involvement in the Society’s many public activities, Bill Rojas again efficiently and single handedly organised our annual Christmas Card sales, which again resulted in a healthy profit for the Society.

Also on a positive note I would like to thank the Society members for the excellent support of all activities throughout the year and for the constant high number of members who attend our monthly Friday night meetings.  The meetings have been supported by a varying range of excellent speakers organised by Owen Bevan.  Some of those speakers included Detective Senior Sergeant Jerry Feltus and Justice Hogan to name but a few.

This last year has seen a new look Hue & Cry magazine.  This has followed on the excellent and long dedicated work of Jan Hutchin.  With Jan hanging up her ‘editors pen’ earlier in the year, Geoff Rawson, ably assisted by Charlie Tredrea and Elees Pick, took on the role.  Many thanks to Geoff, Elees and Charlie.

I would also like to record my appreciation for the support and commitment of all members of the Society’s Executive Committee.  In particular to Vice President Geoff Rawson, Secretary Owen Bevan and as previously mentioned, Treasurer Tony Woodcock.  Such an opportunity such as this cannot go by without also recording my special thanks to Bill Rojas for his outstanding dedication and to Rex Greig and Jim Sykes.

Sadly the past year has not been without loss.  On 29 September saw the passing of our former President, Life and Founding Member, Wally Budd.  Wally was one of the key persons responsible for the establishment of the Society.  More recently the Society also saw the sad passing of Mr Peter Traplin of SAPOL’s Information Systems and Technology Service.  Peter had been a very strong supporter of the Society in his IS&T role and I know that he will be sadly missed by the Society.

As I have done in previous annual reports I would like to put on record the overall success of this Society in preserving and recording the proud history of policing in this State.  The Society has been in existence for some 27 years and in that time the members have donated many thousands of voluntary hours.  We have amassed a huge collection of police memorabilia and artefacts, established a photograph collection of approximately 18,000 photographs, created a database of some 500,000 items and collected over 6,000 uniform items. The Society has a world class collection of international police hats and badges, and established a significant collection of historical police vehicles, including an 1850’s Gold Escort cart, an 1885 horse drawn Black Maria, fully restored a Chrysler Royal Highway Patrol car, a Bedford Riot truck and a variety of ex-SAPOL bicycle and motor cycles.  We have provided reference material and items for a number of Government and community historical units and museums, published a number of books and have contributed in a very significant way to assisting SAPOL by providing an insight into current and historical aspects of policing in this State.  The Society is committed to supporting the many SAPOL public activities and community policing programs both at the corporate and local level.

During this year alone I estimate that Society members have again continued to donate in excess of nine thousand hours.  Often the many thousands of people who experience the efforts of the Society believe that it is SAPOL who is providing the service, rather than recognising that it is the dedicated efforts of the Police Historical Society volunteers.  If ever there was a fine example of volunteers in support of policing in this State, then it is the Police Historical Society.  The Society receives little independent financial support is not seeking public recognition of its activities but is rewarded in the knowledge that the members’ efforts are contributing to the betterment of policing in this State and is supporting SAPOL in a very real way in its endeavors.

In conclusion the year has been a busy and successful one.  The Society conducted many successful activities for which you can all be very proud.  The Society continued to expand and be strong in all aspects of our organisation.

Finally, you can all take great pride in the achievements of the Society and again extend a special congratulations and thanks to you all.  I have been privileged to have been your President for the past 9 years.

I would in closing like to take a few moments to comment on the role of the President and why I have indicated that I will not be standing for office this year.  I am conscious that Geoff Rawson has in many ways been the real president of the Society in the past 12 months due to my regular unavailability because of work commitments.  I have always been a firm believer that a person who holds the position of president, must be able to devote all of his or her time to the position.  As I am presently unable to do so I have decided not to stand for re-election to the position of president or committee.  When I took on the role of President in 1995 I had full intentions of only doing so for one year.  Now some nine years later I firmly believe that it is time to move on and let some one else have a go.  In doing so I leave with some mixed feelings of sadness but one predominately of satisfaction, knowing that the Society will be in great hands and will continue to grow from strength to strength.

As this is my last report as President it would be wrong of me not to mention those who have particularly assisted me greatly during that past 9 years.  I start with my close friend and colleague Owen Bevan and thank him for his outstanding commitment as Secretary, a most demanding task.  Also to Jim Sykes, Tony Woodcock, Jan Hutchin, Rob Thompson, Dorothy Pyatt, Rex Greig, Bill Rojas and finally Geoff Rawson and of course I extend my heartfelt thanks to all Society members.  Of course, I will never forget the great dedication and support provided to me by our dearly loved late founding member, Bob Potts.

I wish the incoming President and Executive Committee all the very best.  I am very confident that the Society will continue be successful and meet the challenges that will inevitably occur.  You can be assured of my continued strong support and involvement.  I once again thank you all for the privilege of allowing me to be your President.

Best wishes

John White









OUR EMAIL ADDRESS STILL REMAINS THE SAME : historical@police.sa.gov.au




There’s nothing wrong with having nothing to say – unless you insist on saying it.



Up-coming Meetings

An interesting and varied range of activities is being planned for our monthly Friday night meetings this year.  Details of the next three months are as follows.

Friday 5th March Parliament House Visit

The State Member for Florey, Frances Bedford, will be hosting our members for a conducted visit to Parliament House.  We will assemble at the North Terrace footpath entrance lane which runs between the Old Parliament House and the new building just before 7.30 p.m. so as to enter the buildings as a group at 7.30.  A bus will be available to convey those who do not wish to park their private cars in the Parliament House precincts.  Those wishing to travel on the bus are asked to assemble at the Barracks parade ground at 7.00 p.m.  Please do not be late or you may, literally, miss the bus!

Friday 2nd April Dr. Reece Jennings

Back at our usual venue and normal time of 8.00 p.m., the guest speaker will be Dr. Reece Jennings whose subject will be “My Part in the Destruction of Railways in South Australia”.  You may think that is a somewhat unusual title and you could be right.  Dr. Jennings was associated with the West Torrens Council for 25 years and twice was mayor.  He is a historian in his own right and his extensive knowledge of South Australia's past will be the basis of what will be a most interesting evening.  Dr. Jennings is the author of several outstanding books about our State and its social and political past.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear a special speaker.

Friday 7th May Mr. Geoffrey Manning

Mr. Geoffrey Manning, a South Australian historian and author, will be our guest speaker.  The subject will be the sinking of the Star of Greece, a tragedy that occurred on South Australia’s south coast and in which a South Australian police office played an heroic role.  Mr. Manning is also an authority on place names and will talk to us on this topic as well.


London typist Elsie Cameron travelled to see her lover, Norman Thorne at his chicken farm at Crowborough, Sussex, to announce her pregnancy, and was never seen alive again. Her father telegraphed to ask her whereabouts; Thorne telegraphed back, stating that she was not there.
When eventually questioned by police regarding Elsie’s disappearance, Thorne insisted that he had not seen her. When, about a month later, a female neighbour reported that she had seen Elsie Cameron entering the gateway to chicken farm on the day of her disappearance, police began digging. They eventually discovered her dismembered body in a chicken run, buried in the exact spot, on which a newspaper photographer had photographed Thorne while feeding his chickens.
Thorne changed his story, claiming now that he had stormed out of the hut after quarrelling with Elsie, and when he returned, had found her hanging from a beam.
Police pathologists pointed out injuries to the deceased girl’s face and head indicating that heavy blows had been inflicted prior to her death. Thorne’s credibility was further damaged by the discovery that there was no rope mark on the beam from which her body had supposedly been suspended; on the contrary, the dust on top of the beam had not been disturbed.
It is thought that Thorne would probably have escaped with a prison sentence if he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but his insistence on sticking to the suicide story inevitably led to him being convicted of murder. He was hanged in April 1925.
Ironically, pathology tests showed that Elsie in fact had not been pregnant at all and had possibly lied in the hope of snaring Thorne as her husband.


Your most interesting, amazing,
Or amusing experiences
‘in the job’
to share with other Hue & Cry 

Or how about the most unusual
Excuses you’ve heard for speeding
Or the non wearing of seat belts?
Whatever your experiences, 
let us hear them.
We will not include your name,
 unless so desired.

Please send submission to ....
The Editor, HUE & CRY
C/o S.A. Police Historical Society
G.P.O. Box 1539,
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“Fees remain unchanged for 2004”

SINGLE MEMBERSHIP    -    $10.00
FAMILY MEMBERSHIP    -    $15.00

Attached to Your January 2004  copy of the ‘Hue & Cry’, you will find your ‘subscription form’ for the year 2004.  For those members who have not already forwarded their subscriptions, would  you please complete the renewal section of this form, DETACH where indicated and return it to the Society office, together with your payment.

‘Early attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.’


In order to save administrative time and costs, provision has been made on this renewal form for any member who may wish to pay their subscriptions for a year or more in advance (maximum 2 years).  If you would like to make an advance payment, please indicate in the area provided. In the event that subscriptions may increase in these years, those members who have taken advantage of this advance payment provision, will of course not be expected to pay any increased amount.

If you have any query as to the status of your membership, please do not hesitate to contact our Treasurer, Tony Woodcock, on any Thursday at the Police Barracks, between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. on 8207 4098.



Isobel has been a volunteer for many years working with drop files, newspaper articles and generally helping out in any way she can.  She is always available for special events and rarely misses a day working with the Thursday Group

She is the daughter of Walter Ruwoldt a former police officer who may be remembered by some of our older members.

In her working life, Isobel worked for the Royal Insurance Company as a ledger machinist.

She is a very active volunteer providing her time at Ashford Hospital, Red Cross Blood Bank, ( she serves the goodies to the blood donors), Lutheran welfare shop at Payneham. A busy person is always the one to ask when you need any help.


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