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  As a result of the building works at Thebarton Barracks and  difficulties with access, there is little to report for the month.

Our Administrative Building is at last coming out of its cocoon looking magnificent with it’s coat of  bright white paint.

There is still considerable work to be done and it is considered that we will not gain full access until the end of February.

This has had a detrimental effect on our plans to upgrade sections of the Museum, and this work is now on hold until March.  We will need to spend most of March actually getting the Museum back into condition for visitors, the first of which will be a tour in early April. 

We may be looking for the assistance of volunteers for a working bee to get things back into some sort of order.

Thanks to the efforts of Ernie McLeod, our BMW motorcycle was used in the making of the movie “The Marriage of Figaro” and uniforms were loaned to another film crew for “Elise”.

 Ernie is to be congratulated for the time he put into this production over 2 days, keeping the motorcycle in top condition.  Unfortunately, he did not get a walk on part in the movie.

On Thursday 20th December, we provided a barbeque lunch for many of our Thursday Group of Volunteers.(See Pages 7 & 8 for photographs)

 Not  only did we celebrate the Christmas Season but also the very special 80th birthday of member Joyce Beames. 

It was  good to see Shirley Hayward up and about & our thanks must go to Kevin & Wendy for transporting Shirley to the Christmas Dinner, & Mavis & Rod for bringing her to the BBQ.

The AGM will be held on Friday the 1st of February 2008 but, because of the problems at Thebarton, we will be using the Education Development Centre at  Hindmarsh.  See the information on page 9 of this issue.  Please note the early starting  time of 7.30pm,  as we have to vacate the hall by 10.00pm.

If you would like to be more involved as a volunteer please feel free to nominate for Executive Committee this year.  Advise this office and a nomination form will be forwarded to you.

See you at the AGM

   Geoff Rawson





1st  FEBRUARY, 2008 AT 7.30 PM

(please note change of time )

Election of Officers

& Committee.

Nomination Forms available on request.

Nominations must be received prior to 25th January, 2008.


By the Late Jean Schmaal

    It has been suggested that reminiscences from some of the old timers might well be told and the following have been gathered from various sources in an endeavour to preserve some of these “gems.”

    Back in the days beyond recall, a certain Mounted Constable at Mannum [an Irishman] was known to have something of a fiery nature. Came New Year’s Eve, and the local lads thought to give the Constable something to chew over, and, at the same time, have a bit of         seasonal fun.

    Now, Mannum Police Station was built at the top of rather a steep hill, which slopes down to the  riverside lagoon, and the general topography of the place provided scope for mischievous brains. Silently, but surely, the lads drew the coach from its stable, and then, shoulders to the wheel, pushed it down the hill and into the lagoon. They followed, laughingly, to stand at the edge of the water  enjoying their prank.

     However, smiles were quickly wiped from their faces, when a broad, gruff Irish voice sounded from the darkened interior of the coach. “Well now, boys! You’ve had your fun - now I’ll be havin’ mine. You can set to work again and push the coach up the hill and back into the stable.” The  return of the vehicle proved to be a considerable less enjoyable jaunt, than the trip down-hill.
It was made even more unpleasant by the added weight of the Constable who still sat inside.

And another -
Years ago the Constable in charge at Two Wells was a well set up man, with a full beard, which reached well down over his chest, all of which added considerably to the aura of his being a representative of the law.

 There came a time when the stables at the police station needed painting, and the worthy officer  applied to the “Ways and Works Department” for the work to be carried out. 

    He was informed that, if he wanted the place painted, he should do it himself, to which he replied, “I am a police officer, not a painter.” The Department answered by sending him a quantity of white paint with the order “Paint!” And “Do it yourself,” the  constable did. Taking a whitewash brush [instead of the usual paint brush] he vigorously sloshed paint from one end of the establishment to the other - good and thick and sticky. 
    As was to be expected, paint stocks did not last long, and a request for “More paint please” was sent citywards. Up from the town came an Inspector to see just how the constable was faring. He recoiled at the sight that met his eyes. When he remonstrated with the “painter,” the reply was “As I said - I am a  policeman not a painter.” Finally, a real painter was sent up from the city to do the job. But, before he was able to start, he had to set to work and scrape off all the Constable’s efforts, before he could even begin to set matters right.
    And the Constable? He sat beneath the shade of a widespread peppertree closer to the scene of the painting activity, contentedly puffing at his pipe, summing up the whole unhappy situation with the words “Brains rule the world,” which in other words means “There is more than one way of killing a cat than drowning it in cream.”


Teens Jailed for Selling Friend

      GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Four teenage girls face charges that they allegedly  sold a 14-year-old acquaintance to four men for $80. The four girls range  in age from 15 to 17. Three of them attended school with the victim.
      They're facing possible life in prison if  convicted. Police Detective Karl Holzhueter said he was "shocked" by the crime. In his words - "You look at these girls, the suspects, and they are all so young looking. It just doesn't seem possible that they could have done this." The suspects allegedly picked up the victim at her home Sept. 29th and told her they'd received letters from a friend in jail who claimed the girl owed a drug debt. They threatened to beat her unless she sold her body to work off the  debt.

      Hit-Man Hired for Cocker Spaniel

      DES MOINES, IA - After being struck repeatedly with a sharp object,  probably an axe, the Connett family's dog is recovering at home, and a neighbour is accused of hiring a canine  killer. Louie, a cocker spaniel mix, returned home Tuesday, two days after being hacked in the face, shoulders, hip and legs, police say. Roberta Ficek, Louie's neighbour, was arrested Tuesday night in an alleged plot to pay 29 year-old Denny Brown  to hurt the dog. She has been charged with solicitation to commit animal       abuse.

      Father of 9 Told to Zip It

      The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear   arguments this week on whether a  deadbeat dad's constitutional rights were violated by a judge's order  prohibiting him from fathering any more children until he can prove he's
 supporting the nine he already has.
    David Oakley, 34, was sentenced to  three years in prison for failing to pay $25,000 in child support, and the  judge also imposed a five year probation during which he cannot father any  more children.
    Oakley's ex-wife and mother of four has little sympathy for  him. "All he does is get women pregnant all the time and then not pay  child support."

Police Kill Man Scalping His Daughter

      MAY 19, 2001 - Juan Gutierrez, 24, was  reportedly shot and killed by police in     Angleton, Texas after trying to scalp his 3-year-old daughter with a steak knife. Angleton     police chief David Ashburn told reporters       that the child's scalp had actually been cut 4 to 6 inches and Gutierrez was peeling the hair and the scalp back.
    The girl's mother, who was separated from Gutierrez, said he had never been violent and that she did  not know what provoked the attack.
    He reportedly had come from Houston to  celebrate the girl's birthday. When Gutierrez started scalping the girl, the woman ran screaming to neighbours who tried to help, but had to back away when he threatened them with the knife. When police arrived, he  refused to stop and he was killed with a single shot.

The girl is expected to make a full  recovery.

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We have all enjoyed  Allan Peters’ many stories, in the Hue & Cry, & we now offer you the opportunity to purchase Allan’s latest book at a greatly reduced price.

TRUE and

At the SAPHS Special Price of just $20.00 per copy plus Postage & handling

Australia and New Zealand have witnessed some of the most bizarre and hideous crimes imaginable.

In 1908 seven and a half year old Robert John Davis was placed in the dock of the Launceston Criminal Court in Tasmania on a charge of murdering his two and a half year old stepbrother, Alexander Robertson.  It was later supposed that this in fact was not the child’s first killing.  Was he the world’s youngest serial killer?

Did ‘Mad Mossy’ with his claim of thirteen victims rate as Australia’s greatest serial killer?

In other cases we have a convicted murderer admitting to having committed several crimes for which he should be hanged, but claiming he was innocent of the crime for which he was sentenced to die, a crime, to which one of the arresting police officers later confessed.

There is Joseph Samuels, who failed, despite, three very determined attempts to die at the end of the hangman’s rope.

We have a hangman killed by a deadman.  A twice convicted murderer set free by the Court.  Two people killed by the one unintended bullet.  A murderer hanged twenty-five years too late.   The little known, but often practiced, age- old art of ‘husbandicide’

There are bushrangers who slaughtered many of their own kind.   A murderer deemed by an ‘expert’ to be insane simply because lice were attracted to him.  And a deadman with no name.

Also featured are many unusual crimes that, as far as can be ascertained have not been publicised since the cases were filed away.

True Crime …. Stranger than fiction!

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Photographer Ros. Kruse.


From the Archives

Police Journal 25th May, 1923.



We have received from M.C. Symes, of Two Wells, a copy of the third “Police Gazette” published in South Australia.  It bears the title “Hue and Cry”.

And the Commissioner at that period was Mr. P, Egerton Warburton.  The publication is dated January 18, 1861, and was printed by W.C. Cox, Government Printer whose office was then  situated at Victoria  Square.  Following is the total  information in the issue:-

This publication is issued for the information of the police, who are hereby instructed to use their utmost exertions for the apprehension of the parties and the recovery of the property herein and before described.


Commissioner of Police.


Stolen, from a dray in King William Street, Adelaide, on 13th January, 1861, 45½ yards brown Coburg, double width, and 40½ yards alpaca, the properry of John Collins, Thebarton.

2.—Stolen, from Thomas Clayer, at a lodging house, North Terrace, on 15th January, a silver watch, No. 115.  Description of the suspected thief, who slept in the same room with Clayer—Height 5ft 5in., eyes small, one finger on left hand cut off to first joint, dressed in dark clothes, black wide awake hat and bush boots.


Strayed, on the 19th December, 1860, from the Government Survey Camp, Section 91 Hundred of Light, a grey horse, branded w near shoulder, and spear (scarcely visible) off shoulder.

Name of prisoner discharged from the Dry Creek Stockade :-

Jan 15, 1861, David Solomon Vide Hue and Cry, No. 2 of 1861 -

The watch reported as stolen from Henry Leake has been recovered.

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The “HUE & CRY” is  Published by the
South Australian
  Police Historical Society Inc.,
Thebarton Police Barracks
C/- G.P.O. Box 1539 
Adelaide 5001
S.A. 5083



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