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Police Foundation Day Celebration 28th April 2005 

L–R Alan Hyson, Holger Kruse, Commissioner Mal Hyde,

Paul Schramm (part. Hidden) Geoff. Rawson, Lord Mayor Michael  Harbison

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Foundation day was once again a great success with a crowd of about 200 attending in Victoria Square.  This months issue contains a full report on the event.

 Our open day will be held on Sunday the 22nd of May and we are hoping for a good attendance by the public for this event.  A gold coin donation for entry to the Barracks is required, however volunteers will be admitted free of charge.  Members who are attending as volunteers for the event are urged to wear their identification.  Parking will be in Gaol Road for public and the parade ground is to be kept free of vehicles for the day.  Public will be attending from 10.00 am and volunteers are requested to be available prior to 9.00 am for a briefing.


Our monthly meeting on Friday the 6th May was another success with the Commissioner Mr. Mal Hyde and his wife Marcia attending.  Mal was the speaker for the evening and gave an interesting talk on the lessons of history.  He later toured the museum complex.  During the evening he was presented with a certificate to recognise his position as Patron and he presented Premiers certificates to Charlie Hopkins, Audrey Walker and Isabel Brooks for their contribution to the society.

The Commissioner also presented appreciation certificates to Bob Boscence, Kevin Beare and Holger Kruse for their work in the preparation of the Museum
and the long hours they have been putting into this project.


Colin and Joyce Beames once again conducted the raffle and raised over $80.00 for the night, which is an excellent effort.  Thank you to all those who contributed.

Friday the 3rd of June is our next meeting and once again Owen Bevan has delivered with an address by Mr John McArdle who will be speaking about the development of the new Adelaide Airport.  I hope to see you there.


Geoff Rawson


W H O O P S !

On Page 6 of last month’s Hue & Cry we ran a photograph purported to be of Superintendent Giles. This was, in fact, J.B. Giles later Commissioner Giles who we understand would have been approximately 10 years of age in 1934.  Unfortunately, we do not have a photograph of Superintendent Giles in our Archives.


Thanks to Ray Killmier for bringing this to our notice.

The way we were

Women police in South Australia

Celebrating 90 years (cont’d)

As follows is an excerpt from a letter received in July, 1917 by Mrs Bessie Moore of the Women’s Employment Bureau, requesting information regarding the appointment of women police. We thank member Tony Kaukas for providing this information.


21 Abbottsford Terrace,
Devonport New Zealand

 June 25th, 1917

Dear Mrs. Moore,

            We are trying to get the Government of this Dominion to give us a body of “Women Police” it is a new thing here and our politicians are shy of it.  We had today a meeting of ladies to interview the member for this District – He was unconvinced & would only say that he would consult the Minister for Justice when Parliament opened.  I told him I would endeavour to get him some data from Adelaide & then I thought of you.  I would esteem it a favour if you could send me particulars of the appointment of Women police, their duties & how it has worked out in Adelaide to receive better protection for our girls & young women in this bonnie Country.

 The task before us is a heavy one, but there are indications of good being done & only practice & trust can win out.

 I should be glad if you send us the information as soon as possible as the House meets soon. 

 Reverend H.C. GEORGE.

 This letter was passed on to Superintendent Priest & the following information was forwarded to the Commissioner of Police, Wellington




Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Police.


The policewomen are sworn in as ordinary constables under the Police Act & are under the direct control of the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Division.  Two were appointed on the lst December, 1915, one on the lst July, 1916, one on the 1st March, 1917, and another on the lst June, 1917.  They receive 8/- per diem with an extra 1/- per diem in lieu of quarters, ₤9 per annum uniform allowance, and the usual increases granted to ordinary constables.

They perform their duties in plain clothes, about 10 hours a day, at times best suited for carrying out such duties.  The duties are not those required by the men, but the association with a well established Department is a source of strength and protection and they have also the benefit of the advice and assistance of the experienced officers of the Police Department.

The officer in charge of the women police was for many years Senior Probation Officer of the State Children’s Court and in that capacity co-operated with the members of the Police Force in the welfare of delinquent children who were under the supervision of the State Children’s Council;.  Two of the other officers were visiting inspectors of children who were under the supervision of the State Children’s Council.  They also obtained valuable experience, one as a social worker for the Salvation Army in the Melbourne Police Court, the other as a trained nurse and teacher in an Orphan Home in West Australia. 

The reason for appointment of Women Police is for the better safeguarding of the moral welfare of women and children particularly for girls from the age of 14 to 21 years. Their Chief concern is not so much the prosecution of crime as the prevention of misconduct that often leads to disaster in their lives.  Every effort is made to safeguard unprotected and innocent girls against unscrupulous persons, but there is far more instances where girls have to be protected against their thoughtlessness and indiscretions which are largely due to lax parental control.




(a)                To keep children from the streets, and especially at night.

(b)                To assist in the prevention of truancy from school.

(c)                To watch newspapers and furnish reports of persons apparently endeavouring to decoy young girls by advertisement or by any other means.

(d)                To patrol railway stations and wharves and when long distance trains and steamers come in, in order to guard and advise women, girls and children who are strangers and have no friends waiting for them.

(e)                To patrol slum neighbourhoods, and look after drunken women and obtain assistance for their neglected children.

(f)                 To keep an eye on reputed brothels and on the wine shops and hotels frequented by the women of the Town, in order to prevent young girls being decoyed and drugged with liquor and entrapped.

(g)                To protect women and girls in public parks and when leaving work in the evening,

(h)                To inquire into charity matters where it is desirable, &c, &c.


Edw. H. Priest  Superintendent of Police




Police Foundation day for 2005 was a resounding success.

This year the focus was on women in policing & the early history of the Women Police Branch, with particular focus on Kate Cocks & Annie Ross, the first Women police in the Empire with the same powers, privileges & pay as the men. 

Approximately 200 people witnessed the event which was held in Victoria Square adjacent to the Fountain.  Many former retired members of the Woman Police Branch were present & Alan Hyson, Bob Job and Holger Kruse looked magnificent in their heritage police uniforms.  The Police Band played music from the era & four mounted constables were resplendent in their uniforms. 

Owen Bevan was our MC for the morning & I was first up with the Historic Address.  I must thank the many people who assisted me with putting the speech together, including Dorothy Pyatt, Joyce Richardson who gave me some wonderful additional material, Alan Peters, Elees Pick & many others. 

The Commissioner Mal Hyde & the Lord Mayor Michael Harbison unveiled the plaque & both made excellent speeches.  The plaque will eventually be mounted in Cathedral Park adjacent to Victoria Square.  We sincerely thank  Boral Industries who have generously supplied a rock on which to mount the plaque.

 A special thanks must go to Bill Rojas who once again worked tirelessly towards this event.  I am aware that he started in Victoria Square at 7am setting up & sounded very weary at 6pm when he rang me  (still at work) that evening.

Invited guests attended at the Queen Adelaide Room of the Town Hall for a reception after the event.

 There is still work to be done to finalise this Foundation Day as Bill and I will be going to Boral’s Quarry to choose a suitable rock, & arrangements are still to be made to transport it  to Victoria Square & have it installed.

Now for next year’s Foundation Day!


Geoff Rawson – President.




April witnessed one of the Society’s major annual events in the form of the Police Foundation Day ceremony held, this year, to mark the 90thSouth Australia.  In my desire to keep the proceedings within reasonable time constraints in the unusually warm sunshine of the day, I was remiss as the MC for the occasion, in not publicly acknowledging and thanking two particular people for their outstanding efforts.  Over the course of many months, Society President, Geoff Rawson, and SAPOL Protocol and Ceremonies Officer, Bill Rojas, undertook extensive negotiations, together with detailed planning and organising, all of which ensured the success of the occasion.  They performed these tasks with the excellence and commitment we have become accustomed to and, on behalf of all concerned, I express sincere congratulations and appreciation. anniversary of women policing in


Owen Bevan - Secretary  


did you know         Jim Sykes

                                                                                                        By Jim Sykes

In 1862

  • Venus Bay police request a new stone building as the old Station building was propped up and likely to tumble down.

                                                                                       Venus Bay Station Ruins

In 1863


In 1861

In 1862

In 1863

In 1864

In 1865



  John Haseloff

Passed away April, 2005

Esteemed member of the S.A. Police Historical Society


next meeting

Friday 3rd June, 2005 at 8.00 p.m. – Speaker Mr. John McArdle – Project Manager for the development of the new Adelaide Airport.




By the late John Sharp


Frightening things would happen almost on a daily basis. 


One night shift I was walking the Parade at Norwood.  I had been several times up & down the street trying the doors of business premises, when at about 4.30 a.m.  I tried the door of a large business & fell into the shop as the door opened.  I was never so surprised as when I hit the floor of the shop.  I immediately made for the phone to get other Police to assist me to search the premises.  Sure enough it had been broken into by a back window to the premises & they had left by the front door. 

 Another frightening experience was the night I was on my own in a back alley in the city.  I had earlier heard a noise in this dark lane & I went to investigate what it was.  I felt that it might have been a cat knocking the lid off a garbage can while looking for food. There was no cat!  I looked further.  There was a 44 gallon drum in the corner, I lifted the lid and found a man inside trying the keep dry from the rain.  Of course I didn’t know if he was dead or alive.  He was one of the derelicts who frequented the area & I was pleased to see that he was very much alive.  Cats & dogs on the prowl at night for food gave me more frights than anything else.

 Over the years you meet some very famous people.  I, with a lot of other Police Officers, was involved in looking after the Beatles while they were in Adelaide.  We were mainly there to keep the girls away from them. They all seemed very nice lads & were happy to assist the Police at all times.  Places like the South Australian Hotel where they stayed & the Centennial hall at Wayville, were where we had problems.  Large crowds gathered at these places & we had to divert them away from these buildings to usher the Beatles in.  The airport was another problem, but over all we seemed to get through.

 There were film stars like Maureen O’Hara, Peter Lawford, Richard Boone and a host of others. There were singing groups like the Deltones, Bee Gees & Rolling Stones.  When these groups were in town we had to work harder to keep public order.  It was all in a day’s work & we took the good with the bad.

 Over my 30 years in the force I can say that there were never two days the same.  Each day was different & each day a challenge.  I feel that was what made a policeman’s life so interesting.  I only wish that I had kept a diary on the exciting & funny experiences – No doubt I could have written a book!



Private business sponsorship to S.A. Police Historical Society is greatly appreciated.  Without their assistance on going projects of vehicle restoration & maintenance would be difficult to achieve.

Our sincere thanks goes to:


N.R.M.A. Veteran & Classic Vehicle Insurance,
388 George Street, Sydney,
for comprehensive vehicle insurance covers on PHS Museum vehicles. 
Plus a monetary donation.


Toms Towing,
2 Bond street, Richmond 0415834334
for supplying his tow truck & time to transport OHS vehicle to various locations.


421 Pulteney Street
, Adelaide
for supply of tyres for the PHS 1954 FJ Holden Sedan
currently undergoing restoration .

Old Coppers in Action

(from the Advertiser 23.11.57)


Courtesy of “old copper” Val Harvey

Police assisted by two Sea Scouts fought for an hour to rescue a cow which fell into the River Torrens last night.


Photo (below), as published in the Advertiser,  shows Motor Traffic Constable Val Harvey in the river with Constable Jack Kellett on the bank, with a member of the public. 


However, the photograph that was not published (as shown below) was considered unsuitable because of the amount of skin shown ????

 How times have changed (Fashion week designers note the high fashion 1957 underdaks worn by MC Harvey).

28th April, 2005










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