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The following books which relate to South Australia and
South Australia Police are available for purchase now.


A history and reference book by John White of all police stations

in South Australia and early Northern Territory.

Launched by Police Commissioner Grant Stevens on the 28th April 2018, this limited-edition reference book provides a unique and fascinating insight into the history of all 466 police stations that have existed in South Australia from 1838 to 2018 and all 29 police stations in the Northern Territory from 1870 to 1911 (when the NT was under administrative control of SA).  Five years in the making, the book not only contains fundamental details of the many police stations, but also includes countless examples of incredible commitment, self-sacrifice and heroism by those who staffed them in challenging and often appalling conditions, including instances of unbelievable hardship which police officers and often their wives and families had to endure.  In addition, the book also provides a fascinating insight into the early social history of South Australia and its township and settlements and the important contribution that police stations and police made to the early development and growth of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Comprised of a hard cover with 588 pages and 777 photographs, the book sells for $90, with all proceeds going to the South Australian Police Historical Society for the continued recording and preservation of the proud history of the South Australia Police.  Whilst the first print of 300 books sold out within two weeks of being launched, due to overwhelming demand, a second print of books was ordered.  These will be available from the 1st June at all branches of the Police Credit Union or can be ordered through the South Australian Police Historical Society webpage or on-line at:




Tales of the Troopers.

When the land was vast and the living hard, mounted troopers went where no European had been before. Carrying the mail, guiding royal parties, chasing criminals through hostile territory, travelling by camel, guarding prisoners in tin sheds, and escorting gold overland, were just part of a colonial policeman’s lot.
Tales of the Troopers is not only a book about crime and punishment in South Australia's wild colonial days, but a chronology of the history of our State in the 1800's.
A$7.00 plus A$15 postage/packaging

South Australia Police 1838 – 2003

A History of the Development and Operations of the Force from its establishment.   2nd Edition. A comprehensive and detailed account of the development of every aspect of policing from personnel through to transport, duties, communications and equipment to the present day wonders of technology and science.

A$12 plus A$15 postage/packaging

To Walk a Fair Beat.

This book is important as a record of the contributions made by women to the work of the South Australian Police Force from 1915 to 1987. It was, then, a very different age from that of the present in which early women police officers worked. They came into an area in which most of the men engaged must have been suspicious of their presence. However, they demonstrated that women could occupy positions of authority at a time when there was widespread suspicion, that, except in traditionally female spheres of employment authority was not appropriate for women.

A$18 plus A$15 postage/packaging

Colonial Blue.

The story of Australia's first and oldest organised police force. Colonial Blue is a warts and all examination of the South Australia Police Force from 1838 to 1916. An authoritative and honest account, it makes for provocative and compelling reading. With extensive and original use of primary source material, Colonial Blue explores the makeshift and disputed beginnings of the police in South Australia – a colony where crime was not meant to exist.

A$35 plus A$15 postage/packaging.
Bound copy ... $A55.00

A Man Called Possum.

Sold Out! eBook coming soon.


by Max Slee.

In 1838 the infant British colony of South Australia suffered its first crime wave.
Twenty-one year old Henry Inman, a decorated cavalry officer, was appointed to create and command a police force, bringing law and order to the fragile settlement.
This biography on Inman – the first published – therefore narrates the genesis of the South Australia Police Force.

Inman zealously established the rule of law at the fragile frontiers of colonial settlement, pursuing murderers and bushrangers, one of whom he captured at Inman Valley, which is named after him.
Financial management – a lifelong weakness – then caused his dismissal.

Taking on overlanding livestock inn 1841, he was almost fatally speared.  He then unintentionally provoked lethal hostilities with Aboriginals at the Rufus River, resulting in his financial ruin.

To support his growing family he taught mathematics in Sydney before returning to England in 1848 to join the rural clergy.

It was said that he was a most amiable young man, who ‘with favouring circumstances’ would become a credit to his family.  But, despite many notable achievements, he was beset by misfortune and personal failings.

Now, following comprehensive research, this chronicle reveals his remarkable life and exploits.

A$30 plus A$15 postage/packaging


Inman Book Cover




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