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The survey of Police history in South Australia would not be complete without reference to those men who, over the years, have held the office of Commissioner of Police. They have come from all walks of life - soldiers, sailors, a school teacher, a civil servant, and a pastoralist, and several of them have progressed through the Police ranks to become Commissioners of Police.

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Commissioner of

Henry Inman - 1838

Major Thomas Shuldam O'Halloran, CMG - 1840

The Honourable Boyle Travers Finniss - 1843

Captain George Fife Dashwood - 1850

Alexander Tolmer - 1852

Major Peter Egerton Warburton, CMG - 1853

George Hamilton - 1867

William John Peterswald - 1882

Colonel Lewis George Madley, ISO, VD - 1896

William Henry Raymond -1910

Thomas Edwards - 1917

Brigadier-General Sir Raymond Leane, CB, CMG, DSO,
         MC, VD   -1920

William Francis Johns, CBE, OStJ - 1944

Ivor Bren Green, MVO - 1950

Brigadier John Gilbert McKinna, - 1957
           C.B.E., D.S.O., M.V.O., C.St.J. E.D., F.A.I.M.,
       A.M.A.I.M.M., J.P.,  C.M.G.

Harold Hubert Salisbury, QPM, JP - 1972

Laurence Desmond Draper, QPM - 1978

John Bryan Giles, AO, GM, BEM, QPM, JP - 1982

David Alexander Hunt, QPM, JP - 1983

Malcolm  Hyde, A.O., APM. - 1997


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