The Foot Police were stationed in the City of Adelaide, at Port Adelaide, and in certain country districts. In the metropolitan area they were supplied with Martini Henry rifles and batons and were drilled to enable them to be capable of acting with the local military force should an emergency arise. They also carried a pair of twitches. (Twitches are a variation of handcuffs. They are hinged bracelets in a figure of eight, one side of which goes around the offender's wrist and the other side held in the hand of the arresting officer.)

Front Cover

Foot Police marching with Police Band leading, North Terrace, Adelaide

North Terrace east looking east from corner King William Street. 

 1884 - 1886

The Police Band, which was supported entirely by voluntary subscription until 1885, was attached to the Foot Police. A general parade of all Mounted and Foot Police in Adelaide and the suburbs took place on the last day of every month, when the men marched up King William Street to collect their monthly pay.

  A  Foot Constable's kit

Kit consists of;  Lantern. baton, pistol, arm-band with number,
hand-cuff and twitches.

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