Henry Inman

1838 - 1840

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Although Henry Inman was not in name a Commissioner of Police, he was nevertheless the 1838 first Officer in Charge of the South Australia Police Force.

The youngest son of a mathematics Professor, James Inman of the Royal Naval College, before arriving in 1838 in South Australia Inman had served as a cavalry officer with the British Auxiliary Legion in Spain, being decorated for bravery in the field.

He was appointed as an Inspector  by Governor Hindmarsh; promoted to Superintendent by Governor Gawler; and until1840 was the driving force behind the original Police establishment and its early growth.

Inman not only established and managed the first police stations and mounted police barracks, but also the first temporary gaol.   He married in 1839 to Mary Lipson, daughter of Captain Thomas Lipson R.N., first Harbour Master of South Australia.

Dismissed by Gawler in 1840 through conflict of interest over forage hay, he became and overlander between New South Wales and South Australia.   In 1841 Aboriginals attacked his party at the NSW/SA border and all livestock were lost.  This commercial venture having failed, he returned to England in 1848 to join the Anglican clergy, serving for 36 years as rector of All Saints Scarle, Lincolnshire, where he died in 1895.

There has been a book written about Inman.  click here!



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