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South Australia was colonised in 1836. Unlike other states, it was not a penal settlement and migrants were  ‘free settlers’. It was hoped that by adopting this type of migrant, a respectable society would grow in South Australia and there would be no need for a Police Force.

This was not to be however as the Marines from the “Buffalo” were unable to control local crime and in particular, deal with criminals coming from the State of Victoria.  As a result, Governor Hindmarsh, after a few aborted attempts to control the situation, finally formed a Police Force on April 28th, 1838 with the appointment of 10 mounted and 10 foot constables under the command of Henry Inman, whom he appointed an Inspector of Police.
As the police force grew so did the demand for more space and better accommodation and as a result, among other accommodation, was the Mounted Barracks on North Terrace, built in about 1850 then the Thebarton Barracks in about 1916.

The Historical Society was formed in 1977 as a result of the work of Constable Robert Clyne with a B.A. Hons. degree who was imbued with the romance of the long police history since its inception. The Society moved through various buildings and finally settled at the present location.

The Society has collected and preserved over 600,000 documents, artefacts and other memorabilia and has a substantial collection of photographs of police and related activities.

The Police Museum, recently reopened, provides a physical view of the history and development of the Force from its inception to the present time. The Museum is open by appointment only at present, for groups of 15 or more.

An ideal outing for groups and clubs.

What can you expect to see?   

Gallery 1 - Bob Potts Gallery.
Gallery 2 - Robert Clyne Gallery.
Gallery 3 - Dorothy Pyatt Gallery.
Gallery 4 - Roy Harvey Gallery.

Charges associated with Tours and Museum visits to take effect from 1st January 2015.


  Museum Tour
$5.00 per head
  Tea, coffee and biscuits $2.00
  Devonshire Tea $5.00
  School children, Under 14, group visit $2.00 per head


Location:  Corner of Gaol Road and Port Road, Adelaide.
Contact  :  8207 4099   Fax 8207 4011 





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