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Bob Potts was a founding member and tireless worker for the SA Police Historical Society.




  The Museum is entered from the main Police Barracks Quadrangle.



  Museum entrance 2005.

  The First "Bob Potts", Gallery we will visit is on our right as we enter...

From left to right we can see a Police Call Box, and the Golde Escort exhibit.

This is the "Bob Potts Gallery"  looking to our right and contains a brief history of the SA Police from formation.

Looking to our left in the "Bob Potts Gallery" we can see a policeman
 with his bicycle, Women Police Exhibit, handcuffs and batons.

To your right as we enter the "Bob Potts Gallery", you will  see an exhibit on the first Law Enforcement Officers
 in our State,  the Adelaide Royal Marines.

Further into this Gallery you will come across an exhibit dedicated
to the Gold Escorts of 1852.

Information and photographs  of the first days of
the Thebarton Police Barracks.

A Mounted Constable and his horse displayed with early uniform.

An early police Call Box - one of the first forms of communications from the field.
 Each officer was issued with a Call-Box key.

Open Call-Box showing the internal telephone which was a direct line to the Police Communications
Centre in Adelaide.
  Some tools of the trade can also be seen here.


Museum Gallery 2
Museum Gallery 3
Museum Gallery 4





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