Our Special thanks to Max Slee for the
use of the following photographs.


Adams Cartridge Service Revolver, Model 1872, Mark111, 
•450" calibre, issued 1874. (Shown cocked)

1851 Navy Model Colt revolver, •36" calibre, London model, issued 1865.

PARKER Field & Sons pistol, •73" calibre smoothbore, issued 1855.

Martini-Henry rifle, Mark 111, which was issued to foot police. Mounted police were issued the Martini-Henry Cavalry carbine.

Lock detail, Parker Field & Sons carbine.

Parker Field & Sons carbine, •73" calibre smoothbore, issued 1855


Webley & Scott automatic •32 “M.P” model pistol.
Metropolitan police model. Issued in 1913.


Pattern 1853 Calvary Trooper’s sword, fitted with a
 police sword-knot.
  Issued to police in 1854

Please Note:   All photographs are copyrite © and cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission of Mr Max Slee author of the above book,
"Service Arms of the South Australia Police"


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